Economic cold wave invades world, electromechanical industry turns "crisis" into "opportunity"

Issuing time:2018-10-16 00:00

Looking at the general situation of the mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry in recent years, especially in the west of hunan province, the manufacturing industry of China has been developing at a high speed continuously. In the current cold wave and crisis in the economy, although the mechanical and electrical industry has been greatly affected, but the total size and total output only second to the United States, more than Japan, the world's second, exports have exceeded Germany, to the world first. However, Simon electromechanical technology regrettably this year, the world machinery top 10, China was not selected; Among the world's top 100 machines, China was only chosen by nine. Therefore, the company should realize that China's manufacturing industry is large but not strong, although it is a big manufacturing country, but cannot be called a manufacturing power.

China's manufacturing productivity is only one-third to one-fifth that of the United States and Japan. Many of China's machinery products are inexpensive but of low quality. Recently, due to the rapid rise of RMB appreciation and domestic labor costs, as well as the cold wave and crisis, the overall situation of the world economy is not optimistic. Future us and European countries will face increasingly serious stagflation predicament, mechanical products export in China is expected to continue after a slow downward trend, more force us to raise the level of technology of mechanical industry as soon as possible, Simon electromechanical hunan as a veteran with about 20 years of research and development production of mechanical and electronic products enterprises deeply the revitalization of national industry responsibility, willing to trade partners hand in hand to change innovation, will turn crises into opportunities, to make strong.

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