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Wuxi Rande photoelectric technology co., LTD. Is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing of single crystal growing furnace. The products include laser crystal growing furnace, silicon single crystal pulling furnace, sapphire long crystal furnace and optical glass softening furnace. Own proprietary technology property rights. Automatic crystal growth control system is the company's biggest highlight. From the crystal growth of the lead crystal, put shoulder, shoulder, such as the path to the end, complete by computer, without human intervention. Easy operation and high reliability. Good repeatability and consistency. Greatly save operating costs, including human cost, training cost, management cost and so on. The quality of crystal rod is obviously better than semi-automatic. The consistency of quality and the stability of products are fully guaranteed. Wuxi Rande optoelectronic technology co., LTD., in cooperation with JPG Crystal Technologies, inc. of the United States, has an excellent technical team and strong r&d strength. We can keep abreast of the international and domestic trends of crystal development and constantly improve the core technology and manufacturing technology level of crystal growing furnace. Wuxi Rande optoelectronics technology co., LTD. Is committed to providing a complete set of single-crystal production solutions. It can provide complete technical support or "turnkey project", such as workshop design, production preparation, equipment commissioning, testing of single crystal and after-sales maintenance.
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